Founded over 30 years ago, the FilAmChamber is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help its members succeed in their businesses and professions by:

1. Organizing opportunities to meet and connect with other business owners, professionals, and leaders for potential business relationships;

 2. Advocating for a favorable business environment by influencing legislation and/or endorsing initiatives and political candidates supportive of the interests of our members and the community;

3. Providing access to relevant and timely information on matters impacting their businesses or professions such as best practices, regulatory mandates, financing, tax laws, etc. and

4. Establishing linkages with agencies, organizations
and institutions that render business assistance and tools. Membership is open to any person or organization that supports the mission of the FilAmChamber. Students and non-profit organizations may also apply for membership. Current FilAmChamber members are engaged in diverse businesses and professions ranging from accountancy, banking, real estate, consumer retail, legal services, print journalism, financial services, hotel and restaurant services, management consulting, and public health to public relations. Mobile is the future, harness technology and be ahead of your competitors. Download the MemberPlanet mobile app so you'll stay up-to-date, share photos, and make secure payments right on their smartphone or tablet!