FilAmChamber Holiday Gift Exchange

Play Secret Santa 2.0: The Modern with FilAmChamber Updated Rules So what is Secret Santa? It’s mystery. It’s excitement. It’s the joy of knowing someone is thinking about you. It’s the thrill of opening something but, more than that, the magic of connection. It’s the knock on the door at your local San Diego office, and a present is delivered in front of all your staff. It’s experiencing that tingly feeling of love no matter where you are—or who is showing they care. Sign up below to get your elf on and be partnered with a FilAmChamber Secret Santa Elf. You will receive your Secret Santa Questionnaire and Wish List via Private Msg./Email. Directions: Simply comment you'd like to participate and leave your email address. $40 Spending Limit *Register below with email address to play. Participants can create a wish list using gifts or gift inspirations from any major outlet, including Amazon, Etsy, Target, and more! Exchange gifts. Wrap your gifts and bring to our event dinner meeting. Guess who drew your name.Well, you can’t update a classic. The guessing can be the same.!

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