The FilAmChamber of Commerce of San Diego Representing at the ACMA Holiday Mixer

I 4th Annual Asian Culture and Media Alliance Holiday Mixer l

Mr. Ted John Mendoza of SUNSOL REALTY, INC. and Dr. Catherine Sy Luib of Luib Health Center represented The Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego at the ACMA Holiday Mixer on 11/30/17. Mr. Mendoza currently serves as a Board Director and Dr. Luib as the Vice President of the FilAmChamber. The night included a Network Hour, Asian Voices Video Presentation, TAKEONE Production Interns / Short Film Trailer Preview, Updates of the ACMA org and its Board Members as well as a delicious Buffet Dinner and fun Raffle Drawings at the Shozen Mampo Restaurant in Mira Mesa, San Diego. Well known Influencers and Community Leaders throughout San Diego came to join. A nice representation from the Filipino, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Laotian, Indonesian and Vietnamese communities participated.

About Asian Culture and Media Alliance or ACMA: ACMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a voice of unity and empowerment for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities through the power of Television and Online media. Our main objective is to empower and promote commonalities among all Asian and Pacific Islander communities and create awareness of Asian culture, art, events and businesses through media, networking, educational and cultural events.

ACMA Executive Board: Cathlyn Choi, Dr. Catherine Sy Luib, Paul Lim, Ellen Keaton, Dr. Hu Helen, James Pham, Shagel Mohammed, Dr. LeiLani Vidal Calgaro, Kaanchan S Farkiya, Ron Luong, Tommy Le, Paulina Rassavong.

ACMA Advisory Board: Eric Michelson, Steven Choi, Young Kim, Suh Dae Won, Jack Toan, Dr. Mitsuo Tomita, Clyde Kutsasu, Iris Yamashita, Angela Chee, Kaushal Patel

For more information on ACMA, visit For information on Asian Voices, visit

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