Also Serving In The Filipino Food Movement Is Our Very Own FilAmChamber Of San Diego

The Filipino Food Movement was founded to create broad awareness, appreciation, and enhanced investment in Filipino Culinary Arts. In just a few short years, we have gathered national attention in the press, millions of worldwide impressions on social media, and hundreds of passionate and talented individuals who believe Filipino Cuisine deserves its rightful place in the global menu.

The FilAmChamber is doing its part to serve in The Filipino Food Movement by hosting Kain Na events, supporting local FilAm Restaurants and highlighting rising FilAm Chef Stars throughout San Diego. In Addition, we introduce the Season 2 of Phlavor Profiles, a PodCast Radio conversation about the Filipino American experience through food. Phlavor Profiles chats with some of the most established, innovative and inspiring people in food. They discover the who, what, where and why of their Filipino American story.

FilAmChamber Vice President, Dr. Catherine Sy Luib of Luib Health Center, is interviewed by Karena Apollonya Higgins, small biz owner, culture enthusiast and host of Phlavor Profiles, by Pig Parts & Beer. Her info packed interview opens the launch of Season 2. This episode literally spills the tea about Dr. Cat's approach to wellness using ingredients indigenous to the Philippines. She also delivers the bitter truth about what food/ingredients to avoid and shares delicious health tidbits on what food/ingredients to eat to help lose weight. Dr. Cat's hope is to encourage more of our kababayans to take ownership AND maintain great health, all while being mindful of the foods that we all enjoy together. In doing so, we can fully express lives well lived and to that, she says "Mabuhay!"

So get your smart phone charged, your podcast app open and your bluetoothsynced up, Season 2 of Phlavor Profiles is coming for your earhole! Continue staying updated on the Filipino Food Movement and hearing amazing interviews from those participating in it at the following link:

(The shows are written and produced by Karena Apollonya Higgins and Amy Shuster. The shows are edited by Amy Shuster and tech support by Rodney Cajudo.)

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