Small Businesses Management (ESBM) Program Opportunity

- COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - In Support of Asian Business Association of San Diego (ABA-SD)

Please support this outreaching effort to small business entrepreneurs for the Asian Business Association’s upcoming Excellence in Small Businesses Management (ESBM) program. This program is funded by the State with the purpose to provide small business owners with a competitive edge that will support and facilitate the growth of their business to the next level of financial success.​

This 40-hour training program is FREE and will be taught by principal instructor Rick Sims, of Human systems Consulting, a knowledgeable expert in small business development.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Executive Strategy Building

  • Developing a Business Plan

  • Operations Management for Peak Performance

  • Setting up a Fiscal Control System

  • Developing a Marketing Plan

  • Developing Strategic Partnerships

  • What Social Media Platforms can Your Business

Who is Eligible?

  • Employ between one to nine employees, excluding owners.

  • Provide your business’s CEAN (California Employer Account Number) and provide a copy of the last quarterly wage and withholding form.

  • Must be the owner and own a minimum of 20% of your company.

  • Must be committed to attend 40 program hours (class schedule will be highly flexible to meet your availability).

The attached ETP 100H form will need to be completed. If the NAIC (North American Industry Classification System) Code is not known, it can be left blank and our office can assist with getting for them.

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