Everyone attending #PHTimeisNow is a barkada and a VIP!

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." - Doug Larson

One of the things I'm most excited about is the Reginald F. Lewis Entrepreneurship Panel: Setting Up Your Business For Success, curated and moderated by the FilAm Chamber of Commerce in San Diego.

I recently heard advice that in order to figure out what kind business you should get into, find out your passion and figure out what you would be willing to do for free for two years. That's your passion. I think that after a lot of internalizing and listening, I figured out what I would do for free for one year. I don't know about a second year.

One thing I know though is how grateful I am that you are joining me on this journey and sending warm support and great vibes no matter how near or far. As I always say, the beginning is always the most nerve-wracking. So thank you for helping me build the ship so we can launch this first voyage. It's a big sea. We'll see. We'll figure it out. Let's figure it out. Together.

All summit attendees are cordially invited to an afterparty and post-brunch so we can continue the conversation in sharing our own journeys and maybe even converge it to one. We hope to continue nurturing this support group so that we can help promote each other and sustain each other's businesses whether they're restaurants, retail stores, consultancies or agencies. If we have a community where we can recommend Filipino graphic designers, wedding planners, event designers, digital marketers, chefs, sitters, artists or tutors, we truly will influence the future and advance the progress of our one #GlobalFilipinoJourney.

So this June 9th, let's stop, look and listen. Then go forward. Move forward. Together.

Best, thanks and blessings,

Carissa Villacorta ReachUs, LLC www.reachusglobal.com

Everyone attending on June 9th is a barkada and a VIP. Everyone has a story to share and a journey that inspires. We would love to hear your thoughts on community, mentorship and the bayanihan spirit and about the event and movement in general.

*Walk Ins Welcome.

Write Us to Join Us in an empowering summit at a most special setting with unparalleled networking, an exclusive experience and a culminating concert.

Become a builder in our journey.

Join the IIntimate VIP Lunch and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with trailblazers, mentors and sponsors. Support future Global Filipino Leaders when you become one of our VIP guests.

Join the Afterparty. $25 at the door or in advance for the one hour vodka open bar at W Hotel Times Square's Living Room Lounge, 8pm to 9pm. Open to all NY-based guests of summit attendees. Two avenue blocks from the summit venue. Organized by our friends from ECL Events and Royale Marketing. In Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of Philippine Independence, the legendary New York-based pop artist Peter Marco produced two special artworks honoring the colorful festivals of the Philippines.

The Limited Edition masterpieces come in 30" x 42" and 18" x 24" plexiglass prints and were created to benefit the Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK),a community partner of PHTimeIsNow. ARK's Founder Ayesha Vera Yu will speak about her quest from Investment Banker to Non-Profit founder and invite PHTimeIsNow attendees to take action. Part of the Proceeds of the #PHNow curated trunk show will also benefit ARK. Doors open at 12:30pm. Business Casual Attire. See who's excited about June 9th!

Attend with your pamilya or barkada.

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