PHTimeIsNow Toronto 5-Course Dinner & Networking | Connecting | Collaborating

Toronto! It's our turn to travel to you!

A special 5-Course Dinner by local Filipino Chefs, Networking, Brainstorming and Mentoring all in one night! We were so happy to share the best of the community and the most positive energy we could pool together in one room in the NYC. Not even two weeks after, we have found our new family from all over the world. All of you who flew in to be there to take part and be part of what began as an event but has evolved into a true community and movement of champions to help hone, find and form new champions. We are grateful that those who have experienced not even the full weekend of activities, have truly found it worthwhile, life-changing and exactly what they needed in their journey. This is why a group of very able and willing super volunteers are helping bring the same setting and feeling for #PHTimeIsNowToronto on July 26! With Community Builder Rechie Aileen Valdez at the helm, she's inviting everyone she's ever known that would like to give and receive in the time and space that is @PHTimeIsNow. July 26, 2018, Thursday 4pm- 5pm: Early Access VIP 5pm - 6pm: Meet and Mingle 6-9pm: Eat and Enjoy / Learn and Listen / Brainstorm with the Brightest. 9pm to 11pm- Keep the Ideas Flowing. Investment and Involvement: Save your seats: $149 for a five-course dinner feast and brainstorming with fellow trailblazers and industry leaders $299 VIP and Early Access. (Arrive by 4pm for Tea and Consulting.) $999 Corporate Sponsorship Share your company story and advocacy with a group of 60 trailblazers and industry leaders open to listen, learn, discover and support. Stories can be inspiring. Features can be interesting. It is Access that is Priceless. Message us here or at if you want to save a seat or two! invest in your own #GlobalFilipinoJourney. Make it easier and brighter, with help from people who know where exactly where you came from and where you're going, and care, share and want to be there. #GlobalFilipinoJourney

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