33rd Philippine Cultural Arts Festival in Balboa Park, San Diego

The SAMAHAN Filipino American Performance Arts & Education Center will hold its 33rd Philippine Cultural Arts Festival on August 11 to 12, 2018, in Balboa Park, at the corner of Park Boulevard and Presidents Way. Annually, SAMAHAN Performing Arts hosts the festival which runs from 11:00am to 5:00pm on both days. Admission is FREE! A family oriented event focused on cultural heritage, entertainment and networking, this festival appeals to the whole family and allows San Diego locals as well as tourists the opportunity to learn about Philippine culture and performing arts through dances and music. The main attraction of the two-day festival is continuous entertainment. The event will showcase traditional performing arts including colorful folk dances from different regions of the Philippines, folk songs, Rondalla String Ensemble, Angklung (bamboo percussion instrument) and Kulintang (gong) music of Southern Philippines. Workshops and demonstrations representing Filipino traditions will be offered. Presentations of mainstream entertainment such as rap, reggae, contemporary dances and vocals, and ethnic dances by invited Asian and Pacific Islander performers will be featured. Balboa Park is a major hub for culture and tourism in San Diego, attracting thousands of visitors each weekend with peaks during the summer season. This is a great opportunity for local artists to present their talents and businesses to sell their goods in a prime location of Balboa Park. Event vendors are invited to rent booths or spaces for canopies to sell their uniquely designed T- shirts, costume jewelry, various products and services. Delicious, popular Filipino food prepared at local Filipino restaurants, including adobo, lumpia, pancit and special Halo-Halo will be sold from food booths. For information call (619) 946-7409, email samahanphildance@gmail.com or download forms online: www.SAMAHANPhilippineDance.com/festival/.

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