Business Bayanihan: Getting a Headstart Through Filipino Business Organizations

“Filipinos around the world are renowned for their community-based thinking and the family atmosphere they create within their own communities. This unselfish mindset creates the opportunity to unite as one voice and grow our organizations together. If you want to grow your respective organization, use what is naturally within us, the sense of family. Strengthen bonds by supporting each other’s organizations through sharing resources or simply sharing each other’s posts.” –Craig Wilson, President – FACC-HOLLYWOOD *Member of the Coalition of FilAm Chambers of Commerce (COFACC)

Facilitating Linkages and Education

Nowhere is the adage “no man is an island” more true, and in fact even critical, but in the world business – where relationships and the ability (or inability) to work with others can make or break a venture.

The talent to collaborate however is not an innate skill for all entrepreneurs, regardless whether they are aspiring business owners or if they have been at it for a long time. This becomes even more challenging in markets beyond the homeland where you have to deal with people from different cultures that have different values and ways of doing things.

This is where one’s immediate community becomes a very valuable resource. And where harnessing the power of your own people can help you and your business get ahead.

In various Filipino communities around the world, the spirit of communal work is alive and kicking in the entrepreneurial sector, with veritable “business bayanihan” providing a boost to Pinoy entrepreneurs in so many ways. We have spoken to three Filipino business organizations to find out how they are adding value to the Philippine business community. Cont. reading at

Harnessing the Spirit of Community for Business

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