FilAmChamber San Diego Launches ONE Filipino Directory Virtually Bridging U.S. & PH Business Com

The ONE Filipino Directory, the Official Filipino Business Directory with the FilAmChamber San Diego launching the first ever inclusive index of small business owners, entrepreneurs, suppliers. The ONE Filipino Directory Virtually Bridging the U.S. & PH Business Communities and represents corporate outreach to the diverse supplier community. It is our purpose to facilitate business opportunities and market share growth for minority, woman and service disabled businesses through the interaction with our members.

"Making it easy to do business anywhere, ...just Search, Review & Connect.

As we embark on a new era utilizing technology to communicate. The Filipino community is in need to account for who is where and what resources are available. Accessing resources is a key pillar to all FilAmChambers of Commerce, this directory will facilitate as a bridge to and from major metropolitan cities and shipping ports as well as local Filipino communities. The digital media platform allows for peer-to-peer reviews for business transparency and accountibility. As we learn data is the new wealth, we must secure logistics and census for our own community needs in planning and forecasting for growth and development. This platform will allow account for who is where and how successful, or not, and surveying where deficiencies in our communities are, that need strengthened. This initiative will also act as a vehicle for education, empowerment and mentor-ship with seasoned veteran professionals and angel investors to offer a hand up through online webinar workshops, classes, mastermind groups and the first online FilAm virtual Toastmaster charter. Economically we rise together by leveraging our Filipino Chambers of Commerce networks and resources, inclusively with other Filipino businesses, associations, clubs and organizations and independent business owners and entrepreneurs.

"Economically we will rise together by leveraging our Filipino Chambers of Commerce networks, inclusively with other Filipino businesses, associations, clubs and organizations."

The ONE Filipino Directory will bridge intercommunication among our Filipino business community. B2B, Business-to-business within our own community is vital and will play a key role in elevating our society as a whole.

"It is vital to our Filipino Business community that we do business within our own, to support our own. ...together we thrive."

Internationally, The ONE Filipino Directory is forecast to be the leading platform for global wholesale trade serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Through the ONE Filipino Directory, small businesses can sell their products to companies locally or in other countries. Targeted sellers on the ONE Filipino Directory will be manufacturers and distributors based in the United States and other manufacturing throughout the country of the Philippines. The grand focus will be on helping small businesses find domestic or international suppliers that will provide the right product, at the right price, to support the success of their business.

Locally, categories of interest will allow for visibility and exposure to promote products and services in the respective areas of inquiries. Communication between customers and purveyors is directly linked and the data is collected to for measurements of growth.

You are cordially invited as a friend/kaibigan and business colleague to support this cause. In the spirit and honor of our shared Filipino bayanihan values, mindset and endeavor(s) for pagakakaisa (strength in unity) together we will accomplish a unified ONE Filipino Directory to support our community with the resources needed for self sustainability, growth development and longevity.

The ONE Filipino Directory is the official Filipino business directory of business owners an entrepreneurs to connect, network and collaborate for future business partnerships and transactions.

Filipino-American Chambers of Commerce that are members of the Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC), will receive a membership benefit FREE PREMIUM ACCOUNT, valued at $99.99/annually. *Inquire with your local COFACC Rep. Support the ONE Filipino Directory're just one search away!


Coalition of Filipino-American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC) Forges Bonds & Digital Bridges

The Coalition of Filipino-American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC); an alliance of six independent Filipino-American Chambers of Commerce, united this month to conceive the idea of southern California FilAm business community leaders uniting for combined mutual goals and as apirations to progress, develop and expand economic boundaries within the Filipino-American communities while forging business relationships with top global industry trailblazers.

"The partnership of solidarity comes at a time for Filipino-Americans to claim an extended reach, expanded resource development, and inclusion within all industry sectors. Harnessing technology levels the playing field and connects global industry leaders to develop online eSummits, webinars, and other digital communication applications to exponentially scale business projects and ventures.The Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce was established to serve as a central organization at the national level to provide collaboration and coordination channels for the various Filipino-American Chambers of Commerce across the nation. Global support extends beyond the Philippine Tourism Los Angeles, Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which includes but not limited to Philippine Retailers Association and the Philippine Franchise Association which will allow for increased investment opportunities, trade, and commerce."

....together we will grow, expand and have our voices heard!

Founding Chapters of COFACC, Inc. comprise of FilAmChamber 2.0-San Diego, FACC-Greater Los Angeles, FACC Tri-County, FACC-Southbay, FACC-Hollywood, and FACC-Orange County.

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