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I wanted to share with you a pending issue that will negatively impact your members that is pending at the San Diego City Council. There is a coalition of businesses - including over 200 of the smallest mom and pop restaurants in San Diego -- who are opposing the proposed ban on expanded polystyrene (EPS) ban on food-service takeout products and it could also impact plastic straws and utensils. As you know too well, many of these small business owners are first-generation immigrants working hard to make ends meet.

Last month, the San Diego City Council narrowly voted to pass this ban but the item must be drafted into an ordinance and voted on again - most likely on December 3 or 4. A ban is unfair and inequitable to small mom and pop restaurants compared to large national chains. Small restaurants have to burden the entire cost as they don't buy in such large national quantities placing these San Diego small business owners at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, the product they want to ban is recyclable and the City has allowed it in their residential curbside recycling bins. This material is also one of the few materials that has a secondary domestic market and less impacted than others from China's National Sword.

We want San Diego to be a leader in sustainability and they have an opportunity to lead by embracing recycling rather than a ban that only harms the smallest San Diego restaurants. Replacing one recyclable product with another product that may not be recycled just does not make sense.

Would you be willing to sign on to the attached letter and share with your Filipino American Chamber of Commerce members?

Thank you!

Link for sample letter

Here’s a briefing of the EPS issue:


· EPS material is one of the few commodities that has a DOMESTIC market and can be densified into stock material for applications in making products such as baseboards, picture frames, and pencils.

· In June 2017, San Diego City Council unanimously approved recycling of EPS food containers as part of its residential curbside recycling program. Dart, SD Chamber and California Restaurants Association (CRA) worked with the City's Environment Services Department (ESD) to craft the policy.

· The program was seen as helping the City with its zero waste goals.

· Not even a year into the expanded recycling program, two City Councilmembers proposed a ban on EPS food containers.

San Diego City Council Ban Vote

· Councilmembers Chris Ward and Barbara Bry introduced a ban of EPS food containers, foam beach toys and included plastic straws and utensils (by request only).

· The ban passed 5-3; Ward, Bry, Cole, Gomez and Zapf in support of the ban. Cate, Sherman, and Kersey opposed. Alvarez was absent.

· The item will likely go to second reading on December 3rd or 4th and has an opportunity to be voted down in support of recycling rather than banning products that only harm small businesses.

We will be in touch soon on Call To Action and details on the Council Hearing.

Thank you,

Kris Galicia Brown

Falcon Strategies 619-252-2479

Link for sample letter

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