The FilAmChamber of Commerce is honored to congratulate Mrs. Kathy David, for being highlighted on the cover of Diversity Professional! To get your copy and see the publication, go to

When Kathy David’s mother moved from Cebu City, Philippines to San Francisco, she left five year old Kathy and her sister in the care of their aunt and uncle—wealthy entrepreneurs with a mélange of businesses and real estate in Cebu City, Manila and China. They provided the young girls with a lavish lifestyle of mansions, chauffeured cars and holidays and weekends relaxing on Cebu City’s pristine, white sand beaches. But, most importantly, they provided David with an indelible impression of the benefits of entrepreneurship.

“That experience showed me, at a very young age, what was possible. Every time after school, we would get picked up and dropped off either with my aunt or uncle. We would hang out with them at their office, whether it was one day at one of their restaurants or one day at one of their manufacturing plants or at a café. I was exposed to knowing and learning about business at an early age. Even though, at that time, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a business owner when I grow up.’ That definitely opened my eyes to what was possible,” David says. For more, link to

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