Start-Up Series: Business Model Canvas - Develop Your Business Plan

The Business Model Canvas is not your ordinary Business Plan. It is much easier to use than a traditional business plan because it is simple to construct. In this interactive workshop, the instructors will help you create your own Business Model Canvas - a visual chart with nine blocks describing your company's value proposition, customer segments and relationships, key activities, revenue streams, channels, cost structure, key resources and partners. The Business Model Canvas allows you to understand how these nine building blocks relate to each other, and the different ways these relationships can be changed to increase efficiency or effectiveness in your business.

Your team will have a much easier time understanding your business model and be much more likely to buy in to your vision when it’s laid out on a single page. Using this tool will give you focus, flexibility and transparency. In addition, all work done can be reused if a more comprehensive business plan is needed later.

The Canvas is popular with entrepreneurs for business model innovation. More at

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