Start-Up Series: Financing Your Business

Need Money? Almost all businesses require an infusion of money at some time to start, maintain, or grow. This workshop describes various funding sources and specific criteria used to evaluate funding requests. A SCORE mentor will explain the process for SBA guaranteed loans, as well as talk about local organizations that provide loans to start-ups and exisiting businesses. Also get tips on crowd-funding, friends and family loans and equity investments from Angel Investors and when Venture Capitalists come in.

A Finance expert will help you learn about:

  • Loan Application Packaging

  • Alternate Funding Sources

  • Micro Loans, Bank Loans, Angel Investors and Venture Capital

  • Real Estate Loans

  • Working Capital for Start-Ups and Existing Businesses

  • SBA Policies and Procedures

  • What you need to do as a borrower

  • Where to go for advice

It's frustrating to go from one bank to another and not get the answers you need. This workshop will explain your options and help you to get that loan! More at

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