Local FilAm Entrepreneur Debuts At 99 Ranch Market With Nostalgic Champorado Dessert Grab N' Go Kit

Now featured at your local San Diego 99 Ranch Market 大華超級市場. Meet founder and business owner, Ms. Jeanette Bagcus, a local FilAm paving the way to small business ownership for American Filipino's exploring alternative possibilities and opportunities.

--- Traditional home-cooked goodness of gluten-free sticky rice, sweetened by natural coconut sugar with exquisite dark chocolate and topped with creamy milk. A truly satisfying, convenient, and guiltless meal in a kit! Located in San Diego California, Jeanette Bagcus Kitchen is passionate about making the authentic and nostalgic champorado dessert to bring together the young and old.

Kit Information Includes 1 can coconut milk 2 cans evaporated milk 1 pack champorado mix

More reasons to try >Portion of proceeds goes to charity >Gluten-free >Easy to prepare

3 Easy Steps Boil the water In a medium pot, boil 8 cups of water.

Add ingredients Add the champorado mix, evaporated milk, and coconut milk. Stir occasionally until rice is soft. Serve in style Serve hot or cold. Top it how you like it! Our Champorado Kit is made from premium ingredients, those who have tasted it kept coming back for more.

Grab a kit in select San Diego 99 Ranch Market or get big savings by buying wholesale. Got inquiries for us? Ready to process your orders? Get in touch with us today.

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